"I couldn't believe that I was able to get up during my first lesson. Alan and his whole family made our trip so special."

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BURKIE SURF SCHOOL is located 1 mile south of the airport in the LongBeach to Freights Bay area,where there are over 4 locations used in a 2 mile radius. SURF LESSONS are conducted in conditions suited to the level of surfer,usually in waves under 3ft ,the Surfboard used is determined by the surfers height,weight and ability.The beginner boards used by Burkie Surf School are designed to fast track the learning process with a safety element and guarantee you will stand.




2 hour : $80 US

6 hour (Done over 3 days): $225US



2 Hour : $230US

(Max 2 Surfer’s $230US)

6 Hour (Done over 3 days): $650US


Simply Choose your prefered Lesson and email burkesinc4@gmail.com your Name/Height/Weight/Date/times.